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Employment Law New Orleans LA Attorney 504-525-2520 Employment attorney James L. Arruebarrena of New Orleans, LA is experienced in handling a variety of employment law wrongful termination and discrimination cases.

Attorney James Arruebarrena

Louisiana Personal Injury and Employee Rights Attorney

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, employment law and personal injury attorney James Arruebarrena represents clients throughout Louisiana who have been wrongfully terminated, discharged in retaliation for filing for benefits, or discriminated against. He also represents clients suffering from serious injuries caused by someone's negligence and those suffering from the wrongful death of a loved one.

We have spent more than 17 years representing employees and injured victims in claims. For information regarding why Mr. Arruebarrena is the right lawyer for you, please visit our Firm Overview page. For some biographical background about Mr. Arruebarrena, please click on his name below.

James L. Arruebarrena

To speak to Mr. Arruebarrena about your possible personal injury or employee rights claim, please schedule a confidential consultation with him. Call us at 504-525-2520 , e-mail us, or fill out our employment law intake form on our Contact Us page. If someone's actions made you suffer, let us help you make them pay.