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Are you a victim of race discrimination?

Finding employment can be difficult. At the end of the day, getting hired should come down to your skills and what you can offer the company. Unfortunately, too many people in Louisiana lose out on job opportunities because of their race, or they obtain positions but someone does not treat them fairly for the same reason. This is race discrimination, and it is not okay.

Have you been a victim of race discrimination? If you have, you may find it challenging to decide what to do about it. You may feel that saying anything will make the problem worse. The truth is, though, you do not have to accept it. You may have legal recourse.

What you should know about bringing a qui tam claim

Reporting the wrongful actions of your employer can be intimidating, and you may be rightfully concerned about what will happen to your job and your career. When filing a qui tam claim -- a step you may take if you believe that your Louisiana employer is defrauding the government -- you will find it beneficial to secure legal representation from the very beginning. 

The qui tam claims process can be lengthy. Not only can your lawyer help you understand what to expect, he or she can also fight for the protection of your rights and shield you from discrimination or other forms of retaliation. 

FMLA provides benefits for workers who need extended leave

Having a medical condition or having a loved one with a medical condition can impact various aspects of your life. Though you may have determined ways to deal with a condition that requires continual attention, you may fear what will happen if you need an extended time away from work. In some cases, vacation and personal days do not cover your needs, but luckily, you could qualify for another type of leave.

The Family and Medical Leave Act ensures that qualifying individuals have the opportunity to take needed leave from their places of employment. The FMLA should protect workers from facing negative repercussions for taking extended leave in most cases.

Overcoming disability discrimination with the help of an attorney

Discrimination comes in many shapes, forms and fashions, all of which are wrong and in some cases, illegal. For an individual with a disability, this type of treatment is not only unfair and unjust, but can be devastating, especially when concerning employment opportunities. Perhaps you have been the subject of such an act while attempting to obtain or keep a job. You could be wondering about your available legal options.

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects qualified individuals who have a disability from job-related discrimination. If you feel as though you are treated unjustly, whether in the initial stages of employment or in termination thereof, knowing your rights concerning employment will likely be beneficial in the long run.

Don't let fear keep you silent about environmental violations

When someone does something wrong, you may wonder whether you should report the behavior. If you could categorize the wrongdoing as minor and do not believe that anyone could face substantial impacts as a result, you may keep quiet and go about your business. However, when a bigger issue presents itself, you may feel the need to come forward in order for the proper authorities to address the problem.

Of course, if your predicament involves your employer committing violations of environmental protections acts, you may worry that your job could face negative repercussions as a result of your blowing the whistle. However, protections exist for individuals in your circumstances, and filing a report may prevent additional negative outcomes.

Fight back against your employer's retaliatory efforts

Like most other Louisiana workers, you need your job. Because of this, you may put up with assignments that aren't ordinarily part of your job duties or with a supervisor who doesn't have the friendliest personality, but when the requests or actions cross the line into harassment or discrimination, you have the right to say something.

Unfortunately, some employers don't appreciate you standing up for yourself or another person, and they begin a campaign of retaliation against you. Your work environment could quickly become hostile, which makes it difficult for you to go to work each day. You should know that your employer cannot legally retaliate against you for valid complaints, and if this happens, you have the right to fight back — through legal action.

What to do after facing workplace discrimination

Discrimination may have plagued you during various times of your life. Unfortunately, details that may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of life, such as race or gender, can easily result in your suffering unfair treatment at the hands of other people. Though you may have the ability to remove yourself from some unfair situations, certain scenarios involving discrimination may have a greater impact and prove more difficult to handle on your own.

Though workplace discrimination is illegal, you may have found yourself dealing with negative effects while on the job due to discriminatory actions. Though you may have suffered by missing out on a promotion or raise, bearing the brunt of harsh comments or even losing your job entirely, you can take action to address the wrongdoing.

Wrongfully fired? Here is how you can fight back.

Losing your job can be frightening, especially when it is unexpected and unmerited. Wrongful termination can affect your life and career in many ways, but there are ways that you can fight back against this type of illegal action. If, for any reason, you believe that your Louisiana employer wrongfully fired you, you have the option and the right to fight back.

Wrongful termination can happen for multiple reasons, and if you believe that you are a victim of this, you have the right to take legal action. You can fight back against what happened to you with the help of an attorney, seeking to either have your job rightfully restored or possibly secure financial compensation.

Facing retaliation after reporting FWPCA violations

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act regulates the types and amounts of pollutants that anyone can discharge into certain waterways across the country. Clean water is essential to life, and the federal government has tried for decades to prohibit actions that endanger the country's water systems.

However, individuals, small businesses and large corporations continue to use bodies of water as dumping grounds. You may have seen this happen at your job. Perhaps your employer even forced you to participate in the dumping of pollutants into protected waters. If you want to report these violations to the Environmental Protection Agency, or if you have already begun proceedings, only one thing could hold you back.

When are inappropriate jokes considered sexual harassment?

There is a fine line between having fun and taking it one step too far with inappropriate humor. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know when someone crossed this line, and you could feel confused, offended and wondering what you should do next. This type of gray area can be complicated to navigate, especially if you are unsure if you actually experienced sexual harassment or just a few inconsiderate remarks.

Sexual harassment comes in various forms, and not all of them involve a physical component. In some cases, sexual harassment involves mistreatment regarding a person's gender. In any case, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace would be wise to know how to protect their rights and take the appropriate action to hold liable parties accountable.

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