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Former Yahoo employee alleges she was fired as retaliation

Workers in New Orleans who believe they have nowhere to turn either when they are subject to violations of employment law or when they lose their jobs because of mistreatment need to understand that they have rights. For example, people who believe that have lost a job because of a wrongful termination not should consider pursuing the matter not only to recover damages for themselves, but also to help others who may be victimized in the same way.

Allegations of employee rights violations made by whistleblowers

For workers in New Orleans, there is a common concern that informing on employers when there are violations occurring will spark retaliation. Many are unaware that a part of their employee rights includes protection from retaliation for being a whistleblower. Although there are laws in place to protect workers from this form of treatment, there are certain instances in which that still doesn't stop employer retaliation. Fear of retribution should not stop an employee from revealing violations.

Former dating app executive files lawsuit due to harassment

Workers in New Orleans need to be aware that simply because they are employees, terms of their employment do no include being subject to harassment. In many instances, workers might not even realize that they are being subjected to employee discrimination. Employee rights are protected under the law and if there is a belief that there is unfair treatment occurring, the employee has the ability to file a complaint about it to make it stop or receive compensation for what happened.

Man with diabetes files wrongful termination lawsuit

In New Orleans, people who are disabled are supposed to receive reasonable accommodations to assist them in doing their jobs. In addition, it is unlawful for an employer to violate their employees' rights by committing disability discrimination. Those who have had their rights violated in any way or been the victims of wrongful termination because of a disability can consider taking legal action to receive compensation.

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