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Who qualifies for FMLA leave?

Life can be unpredictable. You, your child or a close family member can get sick or hurt. These situations are common and often unavoidable. When they happen, you might have to leave work to take care of yourself or that family member. In these cases, you may worry about whether you could lose your job in your absence.

Country debates paid sick leave

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching. During the winter, it is almost inevitable that people will get sick. And if they don't get sick, it's likely that their children will. When this happens, people often need to take a sick day to care for themselves or a sick child. If people are lucky, their employer will provide them with a certain number of paid sick days. However, this is not required by Louisiana state law or under federal employment laws. In fact, many employers can even terminate an employee for missing too many days for being sick.

How to proceed in the event of religious discrimination

When people in New Orleans go to work, they have certain rights under the law to exercise their religious beliefs free from harassment and religious discrimination. Although the goal is for everyone to have a safe and tolerant workplace, it doesn't always happen. In the event that there is some form of employee rights violation occurring when it comes to religious freedom, a person who is being violated has the ability to lodge a complaint. The number of people who are facing this form of discrimination has been rising in recent years leading to a greater number of complaints.

With our help, you can stop retaliation in the workplace

Louisiana employees may frequently feel like they are mistreated by their employers. Employers have a lot of power when it comes to how they treat the people they employ. However, state and federal laws protect employees in important ways. For one, employees are protected against illegal discrimination based on their gender, race, religion, age, medical condition or similar factors. Furthermore, employees are protected from retaliation from an employer for complaining about workplace discrimination.

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