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When can you use FMLA leave?

In the winter, it seems like everyone is sick at some point. As cold and flu season rages on across the United States, many people may be missing work as a result of the illness. While some employers prefer that sick employees stay home, others may reprimand employees for missing too much work. When you are sick, you many wonder when exactly you can use medical leave to protect your job.

Common reasons for a wrongful termination

In a previous post, this blog has explained that most Louisiana employees are at will employees. As that post explained, as an at-will employee, Louisiana employers can fire a person for almost any reason, at any time. This leaves employees with limited protections when it comes to termination. However, employees do have protections against wrongful terminations. Wrongful terminations occur when employers use illegal reason to terminate someone from the person's job.

Don't live with employee discrimination, assert your rights

While some people really love their employers, others don't. Not every employer is kind, effective or fair. Sometimes, people but up with difficult workplace situations because of the attitude and environment created by their employer. However, this sort of treatment is not illegal under federal or state employment laws. Employers have a lot of discretion on how they treat their employees and run their offices. In these situations, it's up to the employee to choose to stick around and deal with this treatment or not.

What are the basic elements of retaliation?

Louisiana employers cannot treat their employees in any way that they like. While employers have a lot of leeway when it comes to employers, some federal laws protect against certain behavior -- including employer retaliation. Under these federal laws, what is retaliation?

Identifying acts of workplace discrimination

When Louisiana employees experience discrimination at work, it can be very difficult to deal with. In some situations, the employee might lose his or her job or fail to receive a deserved promotion. In most situations, workplace discrimination has very real financial consequences.

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