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Employee's rights when employer retaliation occurs

Louisiana employees understand that everyday in the workplace is not perfect. While it is common to have a stressful day, some experiences should not exist in the work environment. One of these experiences is mistreatment by an employer. If an employee is mistreated for a protected activity, such as reporting illegal activities in the workplace, an employee might have legal remedies for retaliation carried out by an employer.

What are prohibited employment practices?

Most employees in Louisiana will follow and abide by the rules and policies of their employer. While a vast majority of the practices in the work environment are both normal and legal, some practices are not, and therefore are not enforceable. These policies could lead to a hostile work environment and even unlawful firing of workers.

Rights afforded by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

When women enter the work force, they do not often consider how getting pregnant might impact their ability to work. Women employees in Louisiana and other states across the nation might plan their pregnancy in order to not interrupt their careers. In some cases, females might decide to quit their job to be a stay at home mother. But for those remaining seeking to maintain their current position of employment, they should understand that they are afforded rights so they are not treated unfairly or discriminated against due to their pregnancy or taking maternity leave.

Louisiana wellness center employee wrongfully terminated

Residents in Louisiana might have different experiences in the workplace. Some might enjoy their jobs while others only look at their employment as only a source of income. No matter their personal experience, all employees should be treated fairly within the work environment. When this does not occur and an individual experiences employment discrimination, this might be grounds for a cause of action.

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