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Facing sexual harassment? We may be able to help

Last week on the blog we addressed sexual harassment and how it can affect Louisiana employees. Unfortunately, far too many of our state's workers are subjected to unwanted sexual advances, lewd comments, and sexually explicit materials. These inappropriate acts and materials can leave a worker feeling offended and uncomfortable at work. When an individual resists sexual harassment, he or she may be confronted with hostility.

Understanding employment discrimination based on age

Whether it is a first job or they are seeking a new career, Louisiana residents of all different ages seek employment in the state. In some cases, older individuals may find it difficult to start a new career or obtain a promotion at their current place of employment. Whether they are an applicant or a current employee, some individuals experience employment discrimination based on their age.

What are the leave requirements for Family Medical Leave Act?

Employees in Louisiana understand how their personal life or family life can interject with their work life. At times, events happen in their person or family life that requires an employee to step away from their job for a period of time to address these issues. In these situations the Family Medical Leave Act serves to provide an employee with the right to do so.

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