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How to file a whistleblower retaliation claim

Those who see something illegal or inappropriate in the workplace should be sure to speak out. However, many Louisiana workers fear that if they talk about illegal activity at work they will be punished by their employer. A worker who has been retaliated against may incur significant financial losses, particularly if he or she is fired, and emotional turmoil may take a toll.

Am I alone in being discriminated against in the workplace?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is common across Louisiana and the United States. Every day, hard-working individuals are subjected to unfair, uncomfortable, and often frightening encounters. The damage caused by these incidences can be severe, including financial and emotional losses. Yet, if you are subjected to employee discrimination, it might be easy to feel as if you are dealing with the matter by yourself.

Port Allen wrongful termination lawsuit settled

A wrongful termination lawsuit that has stretched out over two years has finally been settled. The claim, made by former Port Allen CFO against the former Port Allen mayor, accused the mayor of improperly firing the CFO. Though the CFO was able to reclaim her job, she claimed she was confronted with hostility that made it difficult to do her job. Among her complaints were that she was accused by the mayor of being racist against black people, and that she was unfairly stripped of her banking privileges for the city.

Aggressiveness and diligence needed when facing sexual harassment

Last week on the blog we discussed sexual harassment and the steps employers can take to prevent it from happening. Though many employers take these precautions seriously, others fail to do so and to properly address claims of sexual harassment. If you are subjected to employee discrimination or harassment of any kind, then you might suffer harm in more ways than one. Fortunately, an experienced Louisiana attorney, like James L. Arruebarrena, may be able to help you recover from them.

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