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Distracted drivers: You see them but do they see you?

Whether you're part of a busy daily commute in Louisiana or you are more of a casual driver who ventures out from time to time, there's obviously a certain amount of risk involved each time you get behind the wheel. However, it's often possible to reach a destination unscathed, provided you and other nearby motorists are acting with caution, in accordance with all traffic safety regulations.

Cellphone makers can block texting while driving -- should they?

Are you able to disregard your mobile phone if a text message comes through while you are driving? After a 2013 distracted driving accident in another state that killed an SUV driver and a passenger, and paralyzed a child, the families of the crash victims filed a product liability lawsuit against Apple. They allege that Apple knew that drivers would use their mobile devices to text, and did nothing to prevent it.

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