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Six tips for employees facing discrimination at work

It was a difficult choice. Your conscience pricked and your wife nagged until you reported what you saw. It was more nerve wracking than anything you have ever done. You saw it. You really did. However, somehow, nothing came of the report, and your boss walked away scot-free.

How to file a whistleblower retaliation claim

Those who see something illegal or inappropriate in the workplace should be sure to speak out. However, many Louisiana workers fear that if they talk about illegal activity at work they will be punished by their employer. A worker who has been retaliated against may incur significant financial losses, particularly if he or she is fired, and emotional turmoil may take a toll.

SEC fine may lead to better protection for whistleblowers

Since the Great Recession, the federal government has implemented many changes in an attempt to curb illegal and unfair business practices. The Dodd-Frank Act contains many of these regulations, but until recently has not had much bite. A recent settlement between the SEC and a construction company may grant whistleblowers significant protection.

Employee's rights when employer retaliation occurs

Louisiana employees understand that everyday in the workplace is not perfect. While it is common to have a stressful day, some experiences should not exist in the work environment. One of these experiences is mistreatment by an employer. If an employee is mistreated for a protected activity, such as reporting illegal activities in the workplace, an employee might have legal remedies for retaliation carried out by an employer.

What are the basic elements of retaliation?

Louisiana employers cannot treat their employees in any way that they like. While employers have a lot of leeway when it comes to employers, some federal laws protect against certain behavior -- including employer retaliation. Under these federal laws, what is retaliation?

With our help, you can stop retaliation in the workplace

Louisiana employees may frequently feel like they are mistreated by their employers. Employers have a lot of power when it comes to how they treat the people they employ. However, state and federal laws protect employees in important ways. For one, employees are protected against illegal discrimination based on their gender, race, religion, age, medical condition or similar factors. Furthermore, employees are protected from retaliation from an employer for complaining about workplace discrimination.

Who is considered a whistleblower in Louisiana?

Recently, this blog post shared the story of a man that was fired after engaging in whistleblowing activities. In that case, the man complained that he and other employees of the Veterans Administration had faced retaliation as a result of whistleblowing activities -- including complaining about backlogs within the department.

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