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Recognizing and dealing with workplace harassment

There are countless reasons why some people hate their jobs. The workload is heavy, but the pay is low. The commute is horrendous, or management is incompetent. Maybe you just don't get along with your boss or co-workers. It's a common story.

Can you be fired for reporting sexual harassment?

All too often, those who experience workplace harassment are scared to come forward because they are afraid of losing their job. Especially in cases where a manager or supervisor is the source of the sexual harassment, victims of harassment can end up deciding that the consequences of coming forward far outweigh whatever benefits may be associated with reporting (specifically, a less hostile work environment). It's important to remember that sexual harassment is against state and federal law, and you have the right to experience a harassment-free workplace.

Sexual harassment claims against Louisiana State University

Though all Louisianans should be able to work and contribute to society without fear of discrimination and harassment, the sad reality is that far too many individuals are subjected to unfair, indecent, and disturbing work environments. When this happens, victims are often caught in a difficult situation. Do they speak out about their unfair treatment and risk unlawful retaliation? Or do they try their best to deal with the situation and continue to confront their hostile work environment?

Facing sexual harassment? We may be able to help

Last week on the blog we addressed sexual harassment and how it can affect Louisiana employees. Unfortunately, far too many of our state's workers are subjected to unwanted sexual advances, lewd comments, and sexually explicit materials. These inappropriate acts and materials can leave a worker feeling offended and uncomfortable at work. When an individual resists sexual harassment, he or she may be confronted with hostility.

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