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What you should know about religious discrimination at work

It is illegal for an employer to fire or decline to hire a qualified potential employee solely because of his or her religious affiliation. Despite the fact that religious discrimination has no place in the Louisiana workplace, some workers still face various types of mistreatment and harassment.

Six tips for employees facing discrimination at work

It was a difficult choice. Your conscience pricked and your wife nagged until you reported what you saw. It was more nerve wracking than anything you have ever done. You saw it. You really did. However, somehow, nothing came of the report, and your boss walked away scot-free.

Pregnancy and workplace discrimination: What are your options?

Whether it was planned for months or sudden and unexpected, a pregnancy can bring a lot of complications to your life. Frequent doctors' appointments and limited physical mobility are just a couple of the possible changes that pregnancy can bring to women's lives. Unfortunately, for some women working in Louisiana, pregnancy can also bring with it a large dose of workplace discrimination that can utterly change the course of their careers.

Am I alone in being discriminated against in the workplace?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is common across Louisiana and the United States. Every day, hard-working individuals are subjected to unfair, uncomfortable, and often frightening encounters. The damage caused by these incidences can be severe, including financial and emotional losses. Yet, if you are subjected to employee discrimination, it might be easy to feel as if you are dealing with the matter by yourself.

Aggressiveness and diligence needed when facing sexual harassment

Last week on the blog we discussed sexual harassment and the steps employers can take to prevent it from happening. Though many employers take these precautions seriously, others fail to do so and to properly address claims of sexual harassment. If you are subjected to employee discrimination or harassment of any kind, then you might suffer harm in more ways than one. Fortunately, an experienced Louisiana attorney, like James L. Arruebarrena, may be able to help you recover from them.

What should Louisiana employers do to prevent sexual harassment?

This blog often discusses problems in the workplace, including harassment and workplace discrimination. These are highly important issues that must be addressed in an aggressive fashion. When doing so, individuals often look at it from the victim's point of view, which is important. However, it is sometimes beneficial to view these matters from a different perspective. Therefore, this week we are going to look at sexual harassment from the standpoint of an employer. By knowing what an employer should do to prevent sexual harassment, Louisianans will more easily be able to identify when their employers are doing something wrong.

What is recoverable in a workplace discrimination action?

Those who have been subjected to employee discrimination have legal rights. These individuals can file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and, through the legal process, compensation can be sought. However, before moving forward with a claim, it is important to know what, exactly, one may be able to recover from the process.

How do I file a discrimination claim with the EEOC?

All employees are afforded certain rights. Amongst them is to be free from workplace discrimination. Though laws and regulations fervently work to curtail any discrimination in employment, the sad fact of the matter is that it continues to occur. Therefore, those who feel as if their employee rights have been infringed upon because of discrimination may want to think about taking legal action.

Understanding employment discrimination based on age

Whether it is a first job or they are seeking a new career, Louisiana residents of all different ages seek employment in the state. In some cases, older individuals may find it difficult to start a new career or obtain a promotion at their current place of employment. Whether they are an applicant or a current employee, some individuals experience employment discrimination based on their age.

Louisiana wellness center employee wrongfully terminated

Residents in Louisiana might have different experiences in the workplace. Some might enjoy their jobs while others only look at their employment as only a source of income. No matter their personal experience, all employees should be treated fairly within the work environment. When this does not occur and an individual experiences employment discrimination, this might be grounds for a cause of action.

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