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Port Allen wrongful termination lawsuit settled

A wrongful termination lawsuit that has stretched out over two years has finally been settled. The claim, made by former Port Allen CFO against the former Port Allen mayor, accused the mayor of improperly firing the CFO. Though the CFO was able to reclaim her job, she claimed she was confronted with hostility that made it difficult to do her job. Among her complaints were that she was accused by the mayor of being racist against black people, and that she was unfairly stripped of her banking privileges for the city.

What can be recovered in a wrongful termination lawsuit?

When Louisianans take on a job, they rightfully expect to be treated fairly and with respect. This means not being subjected to sexual harassment or racial discrimination and being paid appropriately for the work done. There are many other regulations that help ensure a healthy and safe workplace, and employers must adhere to all of them. When they fail to do and a worker is faced with wrongful termination, legal action may be taken.

Wrongful termination and severance packages

When Louisiana workers are wrongfully terminated, they might find themselves angry, stressed, and fearful for their financial future. However, the law seeks to protect workers from wrongful termination, whether based on sexual discrimination or an employee's race, violation of contractual agreements, or retaliation for reporting an employer's wrongful acts or omissions. Though these matters often go to court, they do not always have to.

What are prohibited employment practices?

Most employees in Louisiana will follow and abide by the rules and policies of their employer. While a vast majority of the practices in the work environment are both normal and legal, some practices are not, and therefore are not enforceable. These policies could lead to a hostile work environment and even unlawful firing of workers.

Common reasons for a wrongful termination

In a previous post, this blog has explained that most Louisiana employees are at will employees. As that post explained, as an at-will employee, Louisiana employers can fire a person for almost any reason, at any time. This leaves employees with limited protections when it comes to termination. However, employees do have protections against wrongful terminations. Wrongful terminations occur when employers use illegal reason to terminate someone from the person's job.

Who is an at-will employee in Louisiana?

Louisiana citizen often have jobs in order to earn some money. While there are other reasons that people work, their paycheck is often an important part of the equation. Without their job, many people couldn't afford to meet their basic needs. This is why a termination can be so devastating to many people. They are suddenly left without a way to support themselves or their families.

Louisiana worker sues over wrongful termination

In at-will employee, can be fired at any time for almost any reason. Employers do not have to give or have a reason to terminate an at-will employee. Under Louisiana law, most employees are at-will employees. Therefore, these employees do not have many protections under employment law. However, employers still have limitations on their behavior.

Former Yahoo employee alleges she was fired as retaliation

Workers in New Orleans who believe they have nowhere to turn either when they are subject to violations of employment law or when they lose their jobs because of mistreatment need to understand that they have rights. For example, people who believe that have lost a job because of a wrongful termination not should consider pursuing the matter not only to recover damages for themselves, but also to help others who may be victimized in the same way.

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