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Located in New Orleans, employment law and personal injury lawyer James Arruebarrena represents clients throughout Louisiana who have been wrongfully terminated, discharged in retaliation for filing for benefits, or discriminated against. He also represents clients suffering from serious injuries caused by someone's negligence and those suffering from the wrongful death of a loved one.

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Mr. Arruebarrena is respected in the Louisiana community for his 20-plus years of experience, his record of success in trial court and his unwavering commitment to the well-being of our clients.

He puts this record of success to work for every client we serve. When you retain our law firm, you will work exclusively with one of New Orleans' highly trusted and reputable attorneys. Your case will not be passed off to an assistant; it will be handled solely by our named partner.

"I concentrate on cases which preserve the rights of individuals in the fight against unfairness and for justice in the workplace, and the fight for fair compensation for injury victims. I zealously seek all damages allowed by law to provide individual compensation for harm done to our clients and to discourage further wrongdoing."

-Attorney James Arruebarrena

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Why Experience Counts

When you are recovering from an injury, seeking fair compensation or fighting for justice, experience counts. Mr. Arruebarrena's extensive experience is valuable to our clients in many ways:

  • You need help understanding your rights, how to best document what is happening to you and the proper steps to take to increase your chances for bringing a successful claim.
  • Some people believe they can resolve their issues themselves with their company's HR department or their insurance provider. But who does the HR department or insurance company work for: you, or the other party? Whose interests do you think they are going to protect? The insurance company and their HR department are not looking out for your interests; we work for you and no one else.
  • Mr. Arruebarrena will tell you what your employer or the negligent party will not. He has been protecting clients' rights for over a decade, and he will put his experience, skill and knowledge to work for you. When you hire us, you get James Arruebarrena working for you, not an inexperienced associate or paralegal.

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