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Most states across the U.S. are at will employment states, including Louisiana. Though Louisiana is an "at-will" employment state, there are specific responsibilities with which an employer is charged under the employment laws of the state. Many employees do not understand that they still have rights in the workplace as at-will employees. Regardless of your employment status, you may still have a case if you can provide proof that there was a prohibited motivation behind your termination or treatment in the workplace.

From our office in New Orleans, experienced employment law lawyer James Arruebarrena has been representing the rights and interests of employees since 1993. He is well known throughout Louisiana as an aggressive advocate for employees' rights and personally handles each client's at-will employment or other employment law case.

At-will employment is defined as a policy within the law that allows either party in an employment relationship to terminate or end the association with no responsibility if there was not a contract in place defining the specific time period and term of the employment situation. This definition often leads employees to believe that an employer can terminate them for any reason at any time.

Though this is true in many situations, illegal motivation is not a legitimate reason for termination. This can include complaints of:

  • Unwillingness to accommodate a disability
  • Sexual or other harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Other employee discrimination

Attorney Arruebarrena is fluent in the language of the Louisiana at-will and other employment laws. He can meet with you to discuss your concerns and assess the possibilities for your case.

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