Employment Law Damages

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Have you been discriminated against at work? Were you wrongfully terminated for blowing the whistle on government fraud? Were you retaliated against for refusing to participate in an illegal activity at work?

You may be entitled to damages.

Located in New Orleans, employment law attorney James L. Arruebarrena has more than 18 years of experience representing victims of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. He is a dedicated client advocate and is committed to protecting employee rights. As our client, he will personally handle your claim and help fight for the full damages you deserve.

Types of Damages

The damages you seek depend on your situation and whether you are filing a claim under Louisiana or federal law. In general, there are three types of damages:

  • Back pay: Economic damages, including lost pay and benefits, from the date of your termination to the trial.
  • Front pay: Economic losses, including lost pay and benefits, that accrued after the trial. Emotional stress damage: Financial compensation for emotional suffering caused by an employer's actions.
  • Punitive damages: In federal employment law cases, such as those involving claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, also include punitive damages to deter an employer from wrongdoing in the future. Louisiana does not have punitive damages in employment discrimination cases.

Our firm's practice is focused on recovering the most damages possible for an employer's wrongdoing. We handle all types of state and federal employment claims, and work hard to seek full restitution for our clients' mental, emotional and financial suffering.

Our firm recognizes that emotional stress is a real injury and we are sensitive to making sure our clients are compensated fairly for the extreme emotional stress caused when someone is discriminated against at work.

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