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What Is Employment Harassment?

Employee harassment can take many forms. Most of us are aware of sexual harassment, which is probably the most well known type of harassment. Harassment can also be a form of discrimination. Therefore, it is not surprising that there can be harassment based on the following:

  • Racial harassment - harassment based on a person's race
  • National origin harassment - harassment based on a person's nationality
  • Religious harassment - harassment based on a person's religion
  • Sexual harassment - harassment based on person's sex
  • Disability harassment - harassment based on a disability
  • Gender harassment - harassment based on gender

In addition, some courts have found harassment based on a person's gender, and harassment based on age. The types of harassment described here are examples of harassment, and are not intended to be all-inclusive. However, they are intended to demonstrate that employee harassment can encompass much more than just sexual harassment.

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