New Orleans Environmental Whistleblower Attorney

In an effort to curb company wrongdoing and fraud against taxpayers and the government, whistleblower laws were introduced that protects individuals (typically employees) from reprisals for reporting violations of environmental and rules and regulations. An individual files a claim against a company for wrongdoing or fraud (blowing the whistle), on behalf of the government, and then shares in proceeds from the recovery.

Based in New Orleans, whistleblower lawyer James L. Arruebarrena has more than 18 years of experience assisting Louisiana employees with whistleblower and qui tam claims (a provision of the Federal False Claims Act). He understands the laws and knows how to protect our clients' rights and interests in these cases. Contact our employment law firm to schedule your consultation with Mr. Arruebarrena today.

If possible, please call to consult attorney Arruebarrena before taking action on an environmental whistleblower claim. He can advise you on the proper way to handle the situation so you can have the best chance of recovering compensation.

Louisiana Environmental Whistleblower Act

The Louisiana Environmental Whistleblower Act is particularly important. This piece of legislation entitles employees who suffer reprisal for reporting violations of environmental rules and regulations to treble damages (triple damages). It targets companies that harm our environment, whether through illegal toxic waste disposal, lake pollution, or the pollution of our streams, the Gulf or groundwater. Many of these claims come from oil field workers and oil refinery workers.

If you are aware of a wrongdoing, and would like further information on your options, please contact Mr. Arruebarrena to discuss your options and how he can assist you. It is often to your advantage to contact an attorney prior to taking action so you can be made aware of your rights. Act now to protect yourself from retaliation.

Qui Tam (False Claims Act)

Qui Tam actions are a special type of whistleblower laws. Sometimes referred to as the False Claims Act, qui tam actions are brought by individuals on behalf of the government, typically for fraud against the government. This is a highly specialized area of law, and our firm is equipped to handle these cases.

Learn How to Report Illegal Toxic Waste Disposal. Contact an Experienced Baton Rouge Area Whistleblower Attorney.

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