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Located in New Orleans, retaliation lawyer James L. Arruebarrena handles wrongful discharge, failure to hire and other retaliation claims on behalf of employees throughout Louisiana.

Employees are protected from employer retaliation for reporting any type of prohibited discrimination or illegal activity. Always remember to report your concerns about prohibited discrimination in writing as that may make a big difference when you are trying to prove your position in a case. If you are employed and you feel you are being treated unfairly due to issues such as race, your gender, your age, your medical condition or disability, taking a FMLA leave or sexual harassment, come speak with Mr. Arruebarrena as soon as possible. Unfortunately, retaliation still occurs despite protections, so always report your concerns in writing while still employed so you will be able to prove you complained if you are terminated due to your complaints.

Mr. Arruebarrena has nearly 20 years of experience representing clients in retaliation claims. He seeks full and fair damages for any suffering and financial loss our clients incur. Contact our labor law office today to set up a consultation.

If possible, please call to consult attorney Arruebarrena before taking action on a retaliation claim. He can advise you on the proper way to handle the situation so you can have the best chance of recovering compensation.

Retaliation Claims and Filing Written Complaints

Louisiana is an at-will employment state, which means an employer can fire someone for any reason, even if your employer does not have one. This gives employers the advantage in retaliation claims.

However, there are steps you can take in order to level the playing field. If you are being discriminated against due to any type of prohibited discrimination (such as gender, race, age, disability, illegal activity, etc.) or sexually harassed at work, you should file a written complaint right away. Keep records of your performance history to prove that you are an able employee. It can also help to keep a journal of your harassment and, if necessary, to file more than one written complaint. If you complain and you experience retaliation after the complaint you should complain again (always in writing and keep a copy) about the retaliation as a complaint about retaliation is always protected. Just complaining about the unfair treatment without bringing up that the unfair treatment is because of prohibited discrimination is not protected. Once again, always complain in writing.

Mr. Arruebarrena is a tough legal advocate who will use any documentation you have to strengthen your retaliation claim against your employer. He understands the laws and will use his extensive experience to build a strong and convincing claim on your behalf.

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