Sexual Harassment FAQ

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual conduct that makes you feel uncomfortable and affects your ability to do your job. It may involve a condition of sexual favors in exchange for advancement, threats of adverse action if you do not go along with unwanted advances, or pervasive inappropriate conduct that creates a hostile work environment.

Who can be sued for sexual harassment?

Naturally, the perpetrator(s) of the harassment are liable for their behavior. If you complain to your employer about the harassment, which is essential to a lawsuit, and they fail to take appropriate action they may be held accountable as well.

I feel like I'm being sexually harassed but there has been no touching. Is this still considered harassment?

It may be. Touching does not have to occur to prove harassment. In many cases, harassment consists of requests for sexual favors, unwanted advances or propositions, slurs or comments about a person's body, appearance or sexual activity. Your attorney can help determine if the conduct constitutes sexual harassment.

How bad does harassment have to be for me to win my case?

Typically, the conduct must be severe or pervasive. It is important to document the frequency and severity of harassment to establish a pattern for the court.

We care more about your interests than getting a new case, so we will not advise you to pursue a claim if your case isn't strong. Attorney James Arruebarrena will give you a candid case evaluation at your free initial consultation.

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We understand that going through harassment at work is upsetting. When you are trying to protect your rights and hold your employer accountable, it helps to work with a lawyer who is there for you. Mr Arruebarrena is available to answer your questions and put you at ease throughout the entire process.

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