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Louisiana wage and hour laws can be difficult to understand. Having an experienced employment law lawyer, such as James Arruebarrena , on your side can be helpful. He has been representing employees since 1993 and has a full understanding of the wage and hour laws in this state.

Mr. Arruebarrena handles a wide variety of wage and hour related matters, including:

  • Overtime law and claims
  • Minimum wage payment issues
  • Failure to pay

It is important to note that the wage and hour laws undergo frequent changes. Mr. Arruebarrena stays current with the changes in these laws and can help you understand when new laws may or may not apply to your specific situation.

Wage and hour laws apply differently to different types of employees. Below are the definitions of exempt and non-exempt employees.

Exempt Employee: An employee who, due to his or her position, duties, and level of authority, is exempt from the overtime provisions stipulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These types of employees are often expected to work whatever hours are required to achieve the goals and complete the deliverables of the position. This results in exempt employees having more flexibility to come and go as necessary to accomplish the work than non-exempt employees.

Non-Exempt Employee: An employee who, due to his or her position, duties, and method of compensation, is subject to all FLSA provisions. Non-exempt employees are often required to account for hours worked and must be compensated for all hours worked, including overtime hours at time-and-one-half rate of pay.

In addition to handling wage and hour matters for individual employees, Mr. Arruebarrena has a wealth of experience handling these types of claims for groups of employees that are in the same situation, termed a collective action.

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