Don't get punished for using your medical leave, know your rights

In a recent blog post, this blog examined a Louisiana employee's right to medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act following the birth or adoption of a child. As we explained in that post, the FMLA gives people to take a leave from work in special cases, like the birth of a child. These rights are essential for people following a new baby and in other medical emergencies.

However, many employers don't see it this way. Employers can view FMLA leave as a burden and, therefore, punish employees that exercise their right to medical leave. In some cases, employers may refuse to give leave, refuse to leave a position open or may pass employees that take leave up from promotions. In these situations, the employer may be breaking employment laws by violating FMLA rules.

Our law firm has 15 years of experience handling legal cases for Louisiana residents. We understand how devastating it can be when people lose their job following a medical situation. Not only has someone been struggling with a qualified medical issue but then they have to fight for their rights at work too. FMLA violations can, therefore, add unnecessary financial and emotional strain.

Our law firm can help to show employers how their violations have effected people's lives. In some cases, we can help negotiate a fair resolution for employees. While this may include negotiating for a person's old job, it can also include negotiating compensation for the employee's losses.

For more information on how our firm possibly can help those who have had issues taking medical leave, please see our FMLA webpage.