Don't live with employee discrimination, assert your rights

While some people really love their employers, others don't. Not every employer is kind, effective or fair. Sometimes, people but up with difficult workplace situations because of the attitude and environment created by their employer. However, this sort of treatment is not illegal under federal or state employment laws. Employers have a lot of discretion on how they treat their employees and run their offices. In these situations, it's up to the employee to choose to stick around and deal with this treatment or not.

There are times, however, when Louisiana employers cross the line with an employee and violate employment laws. Under federal laws, employee discrimination is not allowed. In other words, race discrimination, religious discrimination, gender discrimination and other discrimination based on similar factors is illegal.

Our law firm has almost 20 years of experience in handling employee discrimination cases. We can help Louisiana residents understand the difference between an employer that has been difficult and unfair and an employer that has participated in or allowed workplace discrimination to occur.

If the behavior amounts to illegal discrimination, our aggressive attorneys can work to uphold people's rights. We know exactly how damaging workplace discrimination can be on a person's career and livelihood. Our firm works to right these wrongs by holding the employer responsible.

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate a solution with employers, but in others a court case may be the best solution. In these situations, employees may be entitled to damages to help compensate them for the discrimination they have suffered. To learn more, please visit our Employee Discrimination page.