Fair Labor and Standards Act complaints

Louisiana residents rely on their paychecks in order to make ends meet. For many people, their paycheck is their only source of income. Therefore, every penny counts.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act -- a federal law -- Louisiana employers have to pay their employees a minimum wage. This minimum wage is currently set at $7.25 an hour. If employers fail to give the minimum hourly pay to employees, those employees have the right to file a complaint with the United States Department of Labor.

In order to file a complaint, employees must include basic information about themselves and their employer. This includes their names, address and phone number. People must also include the location of the company, their supervisors name and the company's address and phone number.

In addition to the contact information, people need to include information about the type of work they did for the company. Also, information about how a person gets paid -- check or cash, for example -- and the person's pay schedule is required. Additional documentation about people's employment is also helpful. This additional information can include pay stubs, personnel files and other employment records.

Additionally, when an employee complains about not making minimum wage, the employee has protections against retaliation. This means that the employer cannot retaliate against the employee for filing the complaint with the DOL.

If an employee is suffering from pay and benefit issues or is facing retaliation as a result of complaining about pay, that employee should seek legal help. With the experience of an attorney, people can ensure that they receive fair treatment at work, including the pay they deserve.