Former dating app executive files lawsuit due to harassment

Workers in New Orleans need to be aware that simply because they are employees, terms of their employment do no include being subject to harassment. In many instances, workers might not even realize that they are being subjected to employee discrimination. Employee rights are protected under the law and if there is a belief that there is unfair treatment occurring, the employee has the ability to file a complaint about it to make it stop or receive compensation for what happened.

A lawsuit has been filed by a former executive at a popular dating app. She claims that she was subjected to harassment due to the fact that she is a woman and because of her relatively young age -- 24-years-old. The lawsuit states that higher-ups in the company denigrated her sexually and racially as well as made inappropriate comments via email, text and face-to-face. She complained to the parent company, but says she was ignored. Due to the alleged abuse, she resigned even though she claims to be a significant contributor to the app's creation. She seeks the equity she lost as well as compensation.

There are numerous forms of discrimination that can occur in the workplace. Often, people are confused as to what constitutes harassment. Regardless of the kind of work a person does, there are inherent employee rights protected by the law. Simply having employment doesn't automatically mean that the employer is allowed to treat the employee any way the person chooses. Whether a worker was denied promotion, fired, deprived of benefits or given assignments based on factors other than competence -- such as age or gender -- it's important to understand how to proceed with a complaint if there is indeed a reason to do so.

With the former executive who helped start the dating app, she asserts that because of her age and gender, she was treated abusively by those above her in the corporate structure. Her complaints didn't help stop the treatment and she felt forced to resign. She now seeks to recover damages for what happened. In situations such as this, no worker is required to remain at a job at which the person is being treated badly. People should understand that they have legal rights in these situations.

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