Man with diabetes files wrongful termination lawsuit

In New Orleans, people who are disabled are supposed to receive reasonable accommodations to assist them in doing their jobs. In addition, it is unlawful for an employer to violate their employees' rights by committing disability discrimination. Those who have had their rights violated in any way or been the victims of wrongful termination because of a disability can consider taking legal action to receive compensation.

A one-time employee of the restaurant chain Chili's claims that he was fired because he has diabetes and needed to leave work to keep track of his blood sugar levels. The man had been a year-long employee of the restaurant at the time he was dismissed. According to him, he had left his testing kit home and began to suffer symptoms including disorientation and nausea. He asked the manager if he would be able to take ten minutes to go home and get his kit. The manager said no. In addition, the manager said that if he did leave, he'd be fired. The man went home to get his kit when he became concerned over his long-term health. He was fired by text message. The restaurant claims that he abandoned his job and that was the reason for his firing. The man has filed suit against the company.

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed. This law is to provide protection for workers who are suffering from any form of disability. If a person believes that they have been subjected to any form of discrimination due to their disabilities, they need to understand their rights. This applies when a person is seeking a job, is terminated from a job, doesn't receive reasonable accommodations for their disability, is deprived of wages or bonuses, or has their schedule altered because of a disability.

In this case, a man with diabetes claims he simply wanted to go home quickly and get his testing kit for diabetes. After trying to adhere to his manager's wishes and stay at work for the sake of keeping his job, his health concerns won out and he went home to get his kit. He was fired as a result. When there is a case such as this, the person who believes there is discrimination occurring should discuss the matter with an attorney experienced in the rights of the disabled.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, "Suit claims Chili's employee fired for leaving to treat diabetes," Megan Graham, June 30, 2014