Former Yahoo employee alleges she was fired as retaliation

Workers in New Orleans who believe they have nowhere to turn either when they are subject to violations of employment law or when they lose their jobs because of mistreatment need to understand that they have rights. For example, people who believe that have lost a job because of a wrongful termination not should consider pursuing the matter not only to recover damages for themselves, but also to help others who may be victimized in the same way.

A former employee at Yahoo is claiming that she was sexually harassed and coerced into a personal relationship with her female boss. A lawsuit has been filed alleging that the boss told the employee that it would help her career if she submitted to the advances.

The employee further alleges that she received negative performance evaluations in the second and third quarters last year. When she went to human resources to complain about her mistreatment, she was placed on unpaid leave and later dismissed.

If an employee has been the victim of any violation of employment law such as a wrongful dismissal, the employer can be held accountable for it. The termination of employment for reasons such as race, gender, age, religion is illegal. If a worker reports abuse and faces repercussions, the employer's retaliation is also something that can form the basis for an employee's lawsuit.

In this case, the former employee makes numerous allegations including retaliation, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal and other violations of employment law. She believes that her attempts to put a stop to the perceived abuse led to her firing. While it may be intimidating to file a case against a seemingly monolithic company, employees who have been treated similarly and have lost their jobs should consider consulting with an attorney experienced in employment law to determine whether or not they have a case.

Source: New York Daily News, "Female Yahoo executive sued for sexual harassment, wrongful termination by woman who worked under her," July 12, 2014