Race discrimination alleged against UPS

Workers in New Orleans who believe they have had their employee rights violated should be aware that they have recourse under the law. Employee discrimination is a serious matter that can negatively influence a person's life and the lives of his or her family. Whether it is race discrimination, discrimination based on age, sex, sexual preference or for any other reason, it's important that the situation be reported. Those who have been victimized might also be able to file litigation to recover damages for their treatment.

A lawsuit has been filed against package delivery giant UPS by eight workers who state they were victims of race discrimination. They also state that when they complained about the treatment, they were subject to retaliation. Allegations include that a dummy of a black man was hung outside a manager's office for several days and that they were punished more harshly for workplace infractions than white workers. Two of the workers had been terminated from their jobs and two quit. In addition, racial epithets are said to have been used in reference to the workers. The company states that the allegations were subject to investigation. They are disputing the lawsuit.

There are many different forms of employment discrimination that can be perpetrated against employees and all are to be taken seriously. Workers might not only be treated poorly due to gender, race, disability, pregnancy, religion or age, but they can also be passed over for promotion, be denied fair and equal wages, and not receive proper benefits. These issues will not only affect a person's professional career, but can also cause problems at home. In some instances, filing a complaint can help get a job back after a termination. In others, financial compensation is a possibility. A worker needs to understand his or her rights under the law and how to pursue compensation for the treatment.

The UPS workers in this case state that they were treated poorly due to their race. No matter how large and well-known a company is, it's important for workers to feel as if they're treated fairly and equally. If there is an issue with employee rights being violated in any way, workers have the right to seek legal help. In order to understand how to do that, the wisest course of action is to discuss the matter with a legal professional who has experience in employment law.

Source: WWLTV.com, "8 UPS employees claim racial discrimination," June 10, 2014