We can explain and protect your rights under the ADA

In a recent blog post, we explained that Louisiana employers have a duty to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. As this post explained, the specific accommodations that are required under the ADA will depend on the specific circumstances of each case. However, generally employers must take steps that are necessary for a person to do a job as easily as a non-disabled worker.

While this requirement may seem clear enough, there are exceptions. Additionally, some Louisiana employers refuse to play by the rules. Some may deny employees' requests for reasonable accommodations, some may retaliate against employees for asking for accommodations and some may refuse to hire someone because of a disability. In any of these cases, a person may have the right to compensation as a result of disability discrimination.

Our firm has been working on cases like this for almost 20 years. We understand that not every Louisiana employer will play by the rules and follow rules set out by the ADA and other employment laws. We understand the intricacies of the ADA -- both its requirements and its exceptions. We know how big of a deal it can be for employees when requests for reasonable accommodations are denied and what a huge impact disability discrimination can make in a person's life.

Furthermore, we have the experience necessary to remedy these unfortunate situations. We can help people work with their employer to properly pursue an accommodation. If discrimination has taken place, we can help people work through legal channels to receive compensation for the financial and emotional damage done by the discrimination.

For more information bout how our firm can help people assert their rights under the ADA, please see our website.