Facing sexual harassment? We may be able to help

Last week on the blog we addressed sexual harassment and how it can affect Louisiana employees. Unfortunately, far too many of our state's workers are subjected to unwanted sexual advances, lewd comments, and sexually explicit materials. These inappropriate acts and materials can leave a worker feeling offended and uncomfortable at work. When an individual resists sexual harassment, he or she may be confronted with hostility.

Those who have lost a job, suffered demotion, or been given worse work hours as a result of sexual harassment opposition should consider their legal options. No one should have to deal with sexual harassment, and by taking legal action you can fight in an attempt to get those acts stopped and to acquire compensation for the damage caused to you. If successful, you may be able to recover money for your lost wages, but also punitive damages.

Punitive damages are meant to punish wrongdoers to deter them, and others, from breaking the law in the future. Though there are limits to the amount of punitive damages you can recover, a legal team like the one at James L. Arruebarrena can aggressively pursue them, perhaps allowing you to find more financial stability and ensure that others are not subjected to the sexual harassment that you were forced to face.

It can be difficult to speak out against a co-worker or employer when their acts make you feel uncomfortable. However, all employees should be comfortable in the workplace, free from all discrimination and harassment. Therefore, if you have suffered from a hostile work environment caused by harassment or discrimination, you may want to consider speaking with a Louisiana legal professional who will fight for your legal rights.