Louisiana wellness center employee wrongfully terminated

Residents in Louisiana might have different experiences in the workplace. Some might enjoy their jobs while others only look at their employment as only a source of income. No matter their personal experience, all employees should be treated fairly within the work environment. When this does not occur and an individual experiences employment discrimination, this might be grounds for a cause of action.

It was recently reported that a Baton Rouge area adult day care and wellness center illegally fired a worker due to a disability. Reports indicate that her termination was based on the lack of information about this disability. A lawsuit was recently filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and alleged that the employer fired the employee in retaliation for her not providing medical information that is considered prohibited.

The suit alleges that the wellness center made unlawful medical inquires without first making a conditional offer of employment. Despite that, it is being argued that the employee truthfully answered these questions and confirmed that she did not have a physical condition that would limit her ability to perform the job in question, which consisted of her driving clients. Roughly two months after employment, the employee experienced a few minutes of blurred vision, resulting in her informing her employee that she had diabetes.

The employer required her to receive a medical examination in order to be cleared for duty, but in the meantime, she was still assigned to drive clients. A month later, the employee provided the employer with a doctor's note that stated she must be cleared by an eye doctor and should not drive until that is completed. Without reassigning the employee to duties that would not require her to drive, the employee was removed from the work schedule after receiving this notice.

The employee was later terminated and stated in a letter that it was due to her medical problems. This occurred despite the eye doctor stating that she could return to work only a few weeks after her employer received notice of her medical issues. This led to the current suit for unlawful termination. When an employee believes that they have experienced workplace discrimination due to a disability, they could file a cause of action. This not only penalizes the employer for these actions but could also provide the employee with compensation for the losses and damages experienced by the situation.

Source: Oye! Times, "EEOC Claims Wellness Center Illegally Fired Employee With Disability," Stephen Pate, Jan. 5, 2015