Our firm knows how to handle ADA cases

Our last blog post discussed when it is okay for an employer to subject you to a medical examination before hiring you. As mentioned then, this aspect of employment is regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is a far-reaching law meant to protect individuals with disabilities from being discriminated against in the hiring process, termination decisions, and compensation and promotion considerations. However, though protecting your legal rights under this law are paramount, fully understanding and acting on them can be difficult.

This is why it is important to think about discussing your matter with an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law. A lawyer who is experienced in employment law will be able to assess your unique situation, educate you as to what laws apply, and advise you as to what legal routes may be available to you. Then, once you are fully informed, you can make the legal choices that are most important to you and that support your best interests.

The legal team at James L Arruebarrena takes pride in its ability to represent its clients' best interests. Armed with years of experience, extensive legal skills, and the passion and aggression sometimes needed to reach a fair outcome, our firm stands ready to fight for the compensation those who have suffered discrimination deserve.

Though the main goal for many who file a lawsuit is to recover compensation, a legal claim can do so much more. For instance, it can shine a light on unfair and discriminatory employment practice, hopefully bringing change to what are otherwise harmful acts. This paves the way for future employees with disabilities, helping ensure they are free from the harmful discrimination that befell you.