Port Allen wrongful termination lawsuit settled

On behalf of James L. Arruebarrena, L.L.C. posted in Wrongful Termination on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

A wrongful termination lawsuit that has stretched out over two years has finally been settled. The claim, made by former Port Allen CFO against the former Port Allen mayor, accused the mayor of improperly firing the CFO. Though the CFO was able to reclaim her job, she claimed she was confronted with hostility that made it difficult to do her job. Among her complaints were that she was accused by the mayor of being racist against black people, and that she was unfairly stripped of her banking privileges for the city.

The settlement, reached behind closed doors and at the urging of the judge, will award the former CFO $112,000. Nearly $84,000 of that will have to be taxpayer-funded, while Port Allen's insurer will make up the rest. Though the matter is settled with regard to the mayor's wrongdoing in her official capacity, the matter may continue if the plaintiff in this case decides to file suit against the former mayor in her individual capacity.

This case highlights how the law can help protect individuals from employers who treat them unfairly and retaliate for speaking out against that unfairness. By taking legal action, workers who have been wronged may be able to recover compensation to help them get back on their feet and recoup their losses, which might include lost wages and money spent looking for new work.

On the other hand, this case illustrates just how daunting the legal process can be. Though it can certainly be rewarding, as can be seen here, it may take diligence, patience, and, when needed, aggression. Experienced employment law attorneys are often able to help wronged workers handle their legal claims, plotting a legal path that may lead to a fair outcome.

Source: The Advocate, "Settlement reached in wrongful termination suit between former Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter, CFO Audrey McCain," Terry L. Jones, May 5, 2015