Understanding employment discrimination based on age

Whether it is a first job or they are seeking a new career, Louisiana residents of all different ages seek employment in the state. In some cases, older individuals may find it difficult to start a new career or obtain a promotion at their current place of employment. Whether they are an applicant or a current employee, some individuals experience employment discrimination based on their age.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, age discrimination is defined as the less favorable treatment of an applicant or an employee because of his or her age. With regards to the Age Discrimination in Employment act or ADEA, this act only forbids acts of age discrimination against employees or applicants who are 40 years old or older.

While according to this act it is not illegal for an employer to favor an older employee over a younger employer, even if they are both over the age of 40, it does not mean that a younger employee could not experience events of age discrimination. The law forbids discrimination based on age arising out of employment, hiring, firing, salary, job assignments, promotions, training, benefits and other terms and conditions related to employment.

Furthermore, it is illegal to harass an employee because of his or her age. It is often the case that the harasser is the victim's supervisor; it could be a supervisor in a different department, a co-worker, client or even a customer.

Those experiencing acts of discrimination based on their age could have a cause of action. Pursuing that action could help them address the hostile work environment and could even result in compensation for the damages caused by the work discrimination.

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