Don't let fear keep you silent about environmental violations

When someone does something wrong, you may wonder whether you should report the behavior. If you could categorize the wrongdoing as minor and do not believe that anyone could face substantial impacts as a result, you may keep quiet and go about your business. However, when a bigger issue presents itself, you may feel the need to come forward in order for the proper authorities to address the problem.

Of course, if your predicament involves your employer committing violations of environmental protections acts, you may worry that your job could face negative repercussions as a result of your blowing the whistle. However, protections exist for individuals in your circumstances, and filing a report may prevent additional negative outcomes.

Continued actions

If you choose not to file a report for environmental violations, a high likelihood exists that the negative actions will continue. Your employer may think that because the issue has gone undetected by authorities up until this point, getting away with it is easy. As a result, they may see no reason to stop violating regulations.

Impacts on others

When it comes to the environment, serious issues could affect numerous people. If the air or water in an area becomes polluted, people could develop health issues or face other negative repercussions. Therefore, if you do not report the violations you know about, more people could continue to get hurt by your employer's deeds.

Your reputation

As someone who upholds the law and feels that others should do so as well, your reputation could face negative impacts if you do not report wrongdoing. If co-workers or other individuals know that you have witnessed violations of environmental protection standards or have other related information pertaining to illegal activity, those parties may look at you differently if you do not come forward.

Hard choices

Of course, going up against your employer can prove daunting. As a result, you may have a difficult time deciding whether to speak up about any wrongful acts that individuals at your place of employment have carried out. Even though you know your silence could negatively impact others, the fear of facing retaliation may cause you to go against your lawful nature. However, if you choose to file a report regarding violations and you do face retaliation, you can take legal action to rectify the situation.

Understanding your options for protecting yourself against unjust actions and how you can pursue compensation for wrongful termination or other similar actions may prove immensely useful to you. Therefore, you may wish to consult with an experienced Louisiana attorney in order to gain reliable information.