What you should know about bringing a qui tam claim

Reporting the wrongful actions of your employer can be intimidating, and you may be rightfully concerned about what will happen to your job and your career. When filing a qui tam claim -- a step you may take if you believe that your Louisiana employer is defrauding the government -- you will find it beneficial to secure legal representation from the very beginning.

The qui tam claims process can be lengthy. Not only can your lawyer help you understand what to expect, he or she can also fight for the protection of your rights and shield you from discrimination or other forms of retaliation.

What you should know about qui tam claims

Filing a qui tam claim may seem like a daunting process, and you may feel intimidated by all of it, but in reality, it is worth the time and the effort. If there is enough evidence and the Justice Department takes up your case, you ultimately receive as much as 15 percent of the amount of money you saved the government by reporting your employer's fraudulent activity. You may find the following information useful regarding qui tam claims:

  • Any individual has the right to file a qui tam claim.
  • Overcharging the government and charging for services not provided are grounds for a qui tam claim.
  • When an individual files qui tam claim, it is kept under seal, which means that the details of the case are not made available to the public.
  • While under seal, the government will have the opportunity to investigate and determine if there are valid grounds to intervene.
  • The exact amount of compensation you may receive for a successful qui tam claim will depend on the details of the individual case.

You have the right to report your employer for active wrongdoing or a scheme to defraud the government, but it is not a process that you should undertake on your own.

Protecting your rights under the False Claims Act

While there is a financial incentive offered to individuals who file a qui tam claim, doing the right thing could be costly to you. You may face threats and other types of push back from your employer, but that is not something you simply have to accept.

You may actively work to protect your rights by first seeking the help of a lawyer who will advocate for your interests at every step of the qui tam claims process. Before you file a claim, you would be wise to secure qualified legal guidance from the very beginning.