Need Compensation For A Car Accident?

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a car accident, you do not need to face the confusing legal issues and insurance companies alone. Attorney James Arruebarrena has been successfully handling car accident injury and wrongful death claims since 1993. He can take care of the paperwork and details for you. He can fight the insurance companies to recover the compensation you deserve.

Contact our New Orleans law firm to arrange a free and confidential consultation. Mr. Arruebarrena will personally evaluate your claim and represent your interests throughout your case. He understands that your questions are important, and takes the time to answer them whenever you call.

Protect Your Rights — Hire An Attorney

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your auto accident you may be entitled to compensation from multiple insurance companies, or under several provisions of your own motor vehicle policy. No matter what the adjuster may say, remember that all auto insurance companies are focused on cutting costs. That means they will not hesitate to undervalue or deny your legitimate claim for personal injury.

Mr. Arruebarrena will fight on behalf of you and your family. While he will strive to negotiate a favorable settlement, he is a skilled trial lawyer who will take your personal injury claim to court when necessary.

Fighting For Clients Injured In All Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every auto accident and every injury is unique. If you were in an SUV rollover caused by defective auto parts or equipment, you may be entitled to damages from the auto manufacturer in a product liability claim. If you are a tourist who was injured on the St. Charles streetcar, or in an accident on a city bus, taxicab, or airport shuttle bus, you may have a claim against the city, company or a vehicle owned by a hotel.

Our firm aggressively pursues full compensation for injuries related to all types of highway wrecks and traffic accidents, including:

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In Louisiana, injury cases have very short deadlines. These strict deadlines, called prescriptive periods or statutes of limitation, limit the time you have to bring a lawsuit against the party who caused your injury. Call locally at 504-322-1272 or email personal injury attorney James Arruebarrena about your car accident claim.

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