New Orleans Pharmacist Malpractice Attorney

Pharmacists have a very important job. They have to make sure that the correct medications are dispensed by their pharmacy, in the correct dose and to the correct person. Pharmacist errors can result in serious health effects and even death. Mixing up the child and adult dose of an antibiotic or pain killer can be deadly. Failing to check for interactions between medications or confirm drug allergies can result in serious allergic reactions and side effects.

If you think a pharmacist's error caused harm to you or a family member, contact a New Orleans malpractice attorney at the law office of Jim Arruebarrena for a free case evaluation.

In the United States there is a serious shortage of qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. At the same time, the number of prescriptions is going way up. Aging baby boomers are relying on all types of medications to kill pain, reduce cholesterol, control high blood pressure, and relieve depression and anxiety. When pharmacists are rushed to fill more and more prescriptions in a shorter time period, mistakes can happen.

James L. Arruebarrena, L.L.C. the lawyer and staff are committed to helping people who have been injured by medical malpractice, dangerous pharmaceutical products and pharmacist error, including:

  • Dosing errors - dispensing the incorrect dosage or wrong strength resulting in overdose or under dose
  • Incorrect Prescription - dispensing the wrong medication
  • Wrong Directions - giving the patient the wrong directions for use
  • Prescription Label Errors - typos or mistakes on the prescription label or drug insert
  • Allergy / Interactions - failing to check for dangerous drug interactions or deadly drug allergies

As an experienced pharmacy malpractice lawyer, Jim has the knowledge and skills needed to hold pharmacies, pharmacists and druggists responsible for pharmacy errors and malpractice.

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