New Orleans Product Liability Lawyer

An oil field worker permanently disfigured in an explosion caused by a leaky valve, a child strangled by a cord, a patient who suffered a heart attack after taking arthritis medication—why are the products we use at home and in the workplace so dangerous? The answer is simple. New and poorly manufactured products are rushed to market by corporations that value profits over people, sometimes in the face of clear evidence that product are dangerous. At our New Orleans law firm we are committed to protecting consumers through product liability claims. Lead attorney Jim Arruebarrena has the experience and the resources to effectively handle individual and class action claims on behalf of our clients. If you feel that your injury was caused by a product defect, please contact us and arrange a free, confidential consultation. Jim will personally evaluate your claim and help you determine how to proceed.

Product recalls

Any industry is responsible for injuries caused by the products it puts in the hands of consumers, and in the case of prescription drugs, medical devices, industrial equipment, auto equipment, and household goods, the manufacturer is generally allowed to determine when to issue a product recall. Unfortunately, a pharmaceutical company or manufacturer of another product may be slow to take that step, waiting until many lives are lost. If there is evidence the company continued to produce and market the product despite danger signs, the courts may impose heavy penalties in the form of punitive damages for those who were injured.

Work-related product liability claims, auto defects

If you were injured on the job, and you feel a poorly designed or defective product was at least partially to blame, you may be able to recover damages in addition to those provided by workers' compensation, maritime law, the LHWCA, or other employment-related insurance options. If you were seriously injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, and the accident was the result of a defective auto part, you may have a related product liability claim.

For every case, if appropriate, attorney Jim Arruebarrena assembles a team of scientific experts and experienced product liability lawyers to see that our clients' rights are protected and they recover the maximum compensation possible. We serve clients in Baton Rouge, Houma, Kenner, New Iberia, and other communities throughout Louisiana's Gulf Coast. Please contact us with any questions about a possible product liability claim.