Tourist Injuries

Many people visit New Orleans to enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife, music scene and cuisine. With a high volume of visitors, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, the law firm of James L. Arruebarrena, L.L.C., helps injured individuals and their loved ones pursue justice in Louisiana's courts.

We advocate for out-of-state clients who have been affected by tourists injuries like:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including trolleys and other public vehicles
  • Accidents at hotels or hostels
  • Aviation accidents
  • Boating accidents

Every state has its own unique laws governing personal injury claims. If you are injured away from home, it is important to find an attorney who can represent you in the place where you were hurt while maintaining strong communication with you. James Arruebarrena excels in both of these areas.

An Attorney You Can Talk To

Mr. Arruebarrena has represented injury victims in Louisiana's state and federal courts for more than 20 years. He is familiar with not only the law, but also the procedure, courts and opposing attorneys. He can identify the weaknesses in the opposition's case, anticipate their strategy and build a strong argument for you.

You can rely on our firm for clear and consistent communication. You will never wonder about the status of your case; Mr. Arruebarrena will keep you updated on its progress, strategy and next steps. Because he handles every case personally, Mr. Arruebarrena puts his extensive experience to work for each and every client.

Injured While Visiting The Big Easy? We Can Make It Easier.

A serious accident can ruin a vacation, but it does not have to ruin your life. Lawyer James Arruebarrena will help you understand your rights under the law, then take steps to protect them.

We will work with you to represent you locally and minimize your need to travel. Please call 504-322-1272 to learn more and discuss your case.