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http://www.unfairtermination.com 504-525-2520 Employment attorney James L. Arruebarrena of New Orleans, LA is experienced in handling a variety of employment law wrongful termination and discrimination cases.

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Based in New Orleans, attorney James Arruebarrena represents employees throughout the state of Louisiana in all employment matters. He also represents victims of accidents caused by someone else's negligence. His ability to handle challenging cases and difficult opponents is why he is known throughout much of Louisiana as "The Equalizer" — he can level the playing field by utilizing his experience, knowledge and skills.

He has been protecting and preserving clients' rights since 1993 as one of New Orleans' premier employment law and civil rights lawyers. Mr. Arruebarrena personally evaluates each claim he receives and helps clients get through their difficult situations.

Leveling the Playing Field in Employment Discrimination and Retaliation Cases

Many employers, motorists, property owners, product manufacturers and other negligent parties have knowledgeable attorneys on their side. They are often backed by large insurance companies that are reluctant to offer fair compensation.

To learn how we can help you, contact James L. Arruebarrena, L.L.C., to schedule a consultation and case evaluation. From civil rights violations to wrongful death, we are here to protect your rights and aggressively serve your interests.

The Experience, Skill and Commitment Needed to Achieve Results

Mr. Arruebarrena meets one-on-one with each client, evaluates the issue and prepares the evidence and the case for trial. He assembles the right team of experts and interviews the right people to establish wrongdoing and the emotional and financial damages caused by a wrongful termination, workplace discrimination or serious injury. Due to his experience, skill and commitment to obtaining the best possible results, our law firm has helped many clients get their jobs back or recover financial compensation for their suffering.

As an employees' rights and personal injury attorney and law firm, it is our goal to address all aspects of your situation and obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf.

If you have been the victim of employer retaliation, or if you need help formally complaining about illegal discrimination or harassment, it is important to contact our firm immediately. Mr. Arruebarrena has nearly 20 years of experience helping employees get the compensation they deserve.

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